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Lori Shook

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  • The leader as a coach – creating engagement
  • Making learning stick
  • The neuroscience of change

Coach, trainer, speaker, author

Lori Shook started her career as an engineer chasing submarines for the U.S. Navy.  In the 1990’s she changed directions, began coaching and has been training and coaching leaders and coaches for more than two decades. In that time she has had the opportunity to learn from a number of masters as she worked in partnership with coaching pioneers Laura Whitworth, Sir John Whitmore and Tim Gallwey.
These days, Lori is fascinated by neuroscience and is passionate about enhancing the fields of coaching and training by including our growing understanding of the brain into all of her work. She is dedicated to making learning stick and to (re-)creating engaging workplaces. All of the programs she offers are experiential, based on neuroscience and emphasize application and implementation post-training.
Lori quickly became a Master Coach and trainer of coaches. In addition to building her own successful coaching practice, she worked for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), known for its innovative experiential training style and powerful coaching model. In 2003 she moved to Europe and helped CTI expand throughout Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Lori is currently a faculty member of CRR Global where she trains systems coaches. She was previously on faculty at Performance Consultants International where she designed and delivered programs for coaches and leaders and trained other trainers to deliver those programs.
Her passion and dedication to making learning stick has been a driving force in her creating and offering her own programs for other coaches and trainers. Examples are her ICF-accredited Coaches Going Corporate advanced coach-training course and the Alchemy program for trainers and facilitators of learning. Her book, TeamUp!, gives the reader a walk-through of how a leader team can increase collaboration, innovation and create better results by using principles from neuroscience.
She has worked with hundreds of executives from board members and CEOs to first time leaders inside countless organizations. Her current customers are large multinationals like Johnson&Johnson, IBM, UN, European Investment Bank and Siemens, as well as small to medium sized organizations in the UK, where she now resides. Her pro bono work using Deep Democracy takes her into prisons and schools, where she facilitates difficult conversations for large groups.

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